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2 years ago
New release! Las Vegas Noir from @akashicbooks, featuring a veritable smorgasbord of writers and Iambik narrators.
Las Vegas Noir cover
Las Vegas Noir
by Jarret Keene and TJ Pierce (Editors)
Print Publisher: Akashic Books
Narrator: Various Narrators
Listen to First Story: The Tic by John O’Brien Download mp3

"this anthology does a fine job of illuminating the dark underbelly of Sin City. — Publishers Weekly

Table of Contents
Part I: Sin City
"The Tik" by John O’Brien (Scotch 80s) — Narrator: Darla Middlebrook
"Pretty Little Parasite" by David Corbett (Fremont) — Narrator: Arielle Lipshaw
"Mitzhav" by Tod Goldberg (Summerlin) — Narrator: Mike Vendetti
"Babs" by Scott Phillips (Naked City) — Narrator: Charles Bice
"This or Any Desert" by Vu Tran (Chinatown) — Narrator: Mike Vendetti

Part II: Neon Grit
"Benny Rojas and the Rough Riders" by Pablo Medina (West Las Vegas) — Narrator: Mike Vendetti
"Bits and Pieces" by Christine McKellar (Green Valley) — Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett
"Crip" by Preston L. Allen (Nellis) — Narrator: Darla Middlebrook
"Three Times a Night, Every Other Night" by Lori Kozlowski (North Las Vegas) — Narrator: Arielle Lipshaw
"Disappear" by Jaq Greenspon (Sunset Park) — Narrator: Charles Bice
"All About Balls" by Jose Skinner (East Las Vegas) — Narrator: Mike Vendetti

Part III: Tales from the Outskirts
"Atomic City" by Nora Pierce (Test Site) — Narrator: Charles Bice
"Dirty Blood" by Celeste Starr (Pahrump) — Narrator: Darla Middlebrook
"Guns Don’t Kill People" by Bliss Esposito (Centennial Hills) — Narrator: Diane Havens
"Murder Is Academic" by Felicia Campbell (Mount Charleston) — Narrator: Denice Stradling
"The Road to Rachel" by Janet Berliner (Area 51) — Narrator: Kenneth Campbell

2 years ago
Coming soon! South by South Bronx by Abraham Rodriguez (@akashicbooks). Preview Chap. 1:
South by South Bronx cover
South by South Bronx
by Abraham Rodriguez
Print Publisher: Akashic Books
Narrator: Abraham Rodriguez
Listen to First Chapter Download mp3

"In prose entirely his own (and don’t I wish I could steal it and run off with it!), Abraham Rodriguez gives us a crime story, a love story, and one of the best portraits of the creative process I’ve ever seen. Every page is a joy and every character—including the South Bronx itself-is alive and surprising. This book is something special." - S.J. Rozan, Edgar Award-winning author of In This Rain

3 years ago

Listen to The Rose Red Vial from Richmond Noir (@akashicbooks), narrated @charlesbice and coming SOON!

Richmond Noir cover Richmond Noir
by Various Authors
Narrator: Charles Bice
Publisher: Akashic Books
Sample of first story: The Rose Red Vial Download mp3

"A lovingly compiled entry in Akashic’s strong regional noir series, this could have appeal beyond the Commonwealth and its capital." — Library Journal

3 years ago
Crime coming soon! New titles from @TyrusBooks @myrmidonbooks @akashicbooks,
Some crime titles coming soon from Iambik, just waiting to catch you in the act.

Inspired by one of the largest unsolved cases of serial killings in the United States, the New Bedford Serial Killings of 1988.

A legend persists that, after the ‘scourging’, Pilate commanded that his victim be painted from life. Somewhere, the painting survives, the only true image of Christ, granting the gift of everlasting life to whoever possesses it.

David Kellgren is a process server, a job where everyone wants to kill the messenger and things can get a little bit dangerous and out of hand…

  • Richmond Noir, edited by Andrew Blossom, Brian Castleberry & Tom De Haven (Akashic), narrated by Charles Bice

Brand-new stories by: Dean King, Laura Browder, Howard Owen, Yazmina Beverly, Tom De Haven, X.C. Atkins, Meagan J. Saunders, Anne Thomas Soffee, Clint McCown, Conrad Ashley Persons, Clay McLeod Chapman, Pir Rothenberg, David L. Robbins, Hermine Pinson, and Dennis Danvers.

3 years ago

Sneak peek! Here’s the 1st chapter of With or Without You (@akashicbooks) by Lauren Sanders. #jiam2011

With or Without You cover With or Without You
by Lauren Sanders
Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett
Publisher: Akashic Books
Sample of first chapter Download mp3

"[A] wickedly crafted whydunit … Sanders shows a surprising ability to simultaneously make you feel infuriated with and sorry for her borderline-schizo heroine." — Entertainment Weekly

Coming very very soon now… 

3 years ago
The jackpot, @akashicbooks, and going the F**k to Sleep:

Calling the book a “fluke hit,” Johnny Temple, publisher of Brooklyn Indie house Akashic Books, said he couldn’t be happier about the frenzy over Go The F**K to Sleep by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortes, a parody of a kids’ picture book that he’s about to release. The surprise hit title has more than 275,000 copies in print and doesn’t go on sale until June 14.

Akashic Book has a reputation for a publishing program that offers a thoughtful combination of literary fiction, edgy counter cultural nonfiction and grassroots politics plus innovative commercial fiction imprints that focus on African American, Carribean and Gay and Lesbian writing. But Temple and Akashic hit the jackpot with Mansbach and Cortes’ hilarious parody of a kids’ picture book thats aimed at adults. Written from the weary perspective of a parent desperate to get a cranky kid to, well, go the F*** to sleep, the book has connected with just about every parent, everywhere, literally.

WOW, Akashic.  Here’s the rest at Publisher’s Weekly…

3 years ago
"A big crooked quadrange." Arthur Nersesian’s walkabout @poetswritersinc

I start in Manhattan, walking down First Avenue, making a left on Delancey, and crossing over the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn. Then it’s on through Williamsburg and Greenpoint, over the Pulaski drawbridge to Long Island City, and up to the Queensborough Bridge, then back home.

Here’s the rest at Poets & Writers, & Nersesian’s Suicide Casanova at Akashic. Coincidence: this exact route is sometimes known in the inner recesses of my brain as my Audiobook Walk.  

3 years ago
New bedtime storybook from @akashicbooks: Go the F*** to Sleep. via @galleycat

from Akashic’s site: “a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don’t always send a toddler sailing off to dreamland. Honest, profane, and affectionate, Adam Mansbach’s verses and Ricardo Cortés’ illustrations perfectly capture the familiar—and unspoken—tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night, and open up a conversation about parenting in the process.”

via Galleycat.  

3 years ago
"I said, "Yeah, sure!" I didn’t, but I went home and banged out something." Nathan Larson on writing a book for @akashicbooks

Why did you want to write a novel? 
The owner of Akashic Books, Johnny Temple, was also on the Dischord Records label with my old band. We ran into each other and he asked what I was doing, if I had anything substantial like a book. I said, “Yeah, sure!” I didn’t, but I went home and banged out something.

'The Dewey Decimal System' by Nathan LarsonDid you start with a specific story or a character?
I started with an idea and wrote from there. I love the New York Public Library. To me, it’s a very emotional place, with the whole spectrum of society: homeless people sleeping, college students cramming. I had this mental image of being in there alone, and that was really spooky.

more from Express Night Out & Akashic. (N.Bn. the part of me who spends exhausted whiskeyed hours in front of her computer grinds an inch off her teeth whenever somebody “bangs out something,” but it still looks fun. — ed.)

3 years ago

Chapter 1 of James Greer’s The Failure (@akashicbooks), including the most captivating book blurb I’ve seen this year:

The Failure Cover The Failure
by James Greer
Narrator: Tadhg Hynes
Publisher: Akashic Books
Sample Chapter 1: Dowload mp3

"James Greer’s The Failure is such an unqualified success, both in conception and execution, that I have grave doubts he actually wrote it." — Steven Soderbergh

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