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2 years ago
Horror from @robertjwiersema, @teresa_milbrodt, @chizinepub coming to audio

Horror fans, perk up your ears.  We’re thrilled to announce that the following titles from our friends at ChiZine Publications are soon to become Iambik audiobooks:

Monstrous Affections by David Nickle
"David Nickle writes ‘em damned weird and damned good and damned dark. He is bourbon-rough, poetic and vivid. Don’t miss this one." 
–Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother 

The World More Full of Weeping by Robert J. Wiersema
"(A) moving character study about grief and lost possibilities, and also a love song to the Canadian wilderness off British Columbia … The resolution is heartbreaking, without devolving into obvious horror cliches or offering easy solutions. Wiersema is a writer of great delicacy."
–Tim Pratt, Locus Magazine 

Bearded Women by Teresa Milbrodt
"The bizarre aspects of the characters in the stories of Bearded Women serve a particular function, to help us to look closely. Because the narrator in “Bianca’s Body” has a lower torso with sexual organs sticking out of her abdomen, we pay closer attention to the dilemma she faces. Consciously or not, we analyze much more deeply than we would if the narrator had nothing odd about her. In this way, Milbrodt is able to present us universal problems in a way that seems absolutely fresh and new."
–PANK Magazine 

Hair Wreath by Halli Villegas
"A touch of magical realism, a whiff of the dark. Great emotional intensity is wrought in only a few pages. Domestic skirmishes, open ended mysteries and always—in the midst of life—the delicate scent of corruption. Villegas’s fresh voice promises a great future in speculative literature."
–Ellen Datlow 

Cities of Night by Philip Nutman
"Philip Nutman has brought a fresh eye and deep enthusiasm to the business of horror. The genre is much enriched by his insight and creativity. He’s a vital and original talent."
–Clive Barker, author of The Great and Secret Show and Mister B. Gone 

Aaaand in the meantime, if you just can’t wait, check out our current fine offerings from ChiZine.  These, and all Iambik titles, can be yours at a 30% discount by entering the code leap-ear at checkout (good through the end of February 2012).  Happy horror!

3 years ago

Have a peek at the first chapter of Mary Anderson’s You Can’t Get There From Here. #ya #youngadult #audiobook

You Can't Get There From Here cover You Can’t Get There From Here
by Mary Anderson
Narrator: Elizabeth Klett
Listen to first chapter Download mp3

" The pace of this narrative accelerates with the pace of Reggie’s tailspin as she becomes more immersed in the character Adam has created for her and she begins to have difficulty distinguiishing herself from her alter ego. Reggie’s experience is similar to those caught up in a cult. This will hold and involve readers." — Booklist

3 years ago

"I’ve been pissed on by Kurt Vonnegut’s dog." Randall Peffer (@tyrusbooks Listen to the Dead) meets a master.

3 years ago
@npr: The Library of Congress today announced the largest donation of audio recordings it’s ever received.

The donation came from Universal Music Group and is made up of master recordings — the final metal discs used to press commercial releases; lacquer discs that were cut in the studio to capture full takes of tunes; and reel-to-reel tapes from the late 1940s. The material dates from around 1930 to around 1950 and marks the first time the Library has received commercial masters from a major label.

Here’s the rest.

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