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1 year ago
Listen to chapter 1 of Kingmaker’s Sword by Ann Marston (@5rivers), “a fascinating medieval world of magic and mayhem, of love and honor, and of complex, engaging characters.”
Kingmaker's Sword cover
Kingmaker’s Sword
by Ann Marston
Print Publisher: Five Rivers Publishing
Narrator: Kirk Ziegler
Listen to First Chapter Download mp3

"This is an exceptionally well-done Celtic fantasy….a multiple-layered prince-in-disguise story…a lively mix of action, romance and cultural details. This one grabbed me from the start." — Locus

2 years ago

Sneak Peek! Listen to chapter 1 of @ewillett’s Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star. Narrated @justinbvocal.  Here’s more. 

2 years ago
New release! Road to Hell by @kristadb1, read by Priscilla Holbrook. Listen to the first chapter.
Road to Hell cover
Road to Hell
by Krista D. Ball
Print Publisher: Mundania Press
Narrator: Priscilla Holbrook
Listen to First Chapter Download mp3

"The characters are very likable and Captain Catherine Francis is a very memorable and strong protagonist. I like that she is strong and every bit a leader, yet very human and easy to relate to.

The plot is engaging and captivates the reader. As an avid reader I’m pretty picky about what I do and don’t like and I couldn’t find anything unlikable here. The book is a definite keeper.” — Goodreads

2 years ago
"Zeitgeist for everyone!" @paulgtremblay’s @largeheartedboy playlist for In the Mean Time

From the always brilliant LargeHearted Boy:

In his own words, here is Paul Tremblay’s Book Notes music playlist for his short story collection, In the Mean Time:

This collection of fifteen stories is loosely themed: each story is very much of our now and confronts many of our cultural fears and apocalyptic anxieties. Zeitgeist for everyone!

The book title comes directly from Helmet’s 1992 brilliant and menacing song “In the Meantime.”

Here’s the playlist.

Today only, get the audiobook of In The Mean Time for $3.49 by entering “love-your-ears" at checkout on Iambik.com.  (This discount applies to all today’s orders, but we think there’s something sweet about a little horror.)

2 years ago
Horror from @robertjwiersema, @teresa_milbrodt, @chizinepub coming to audio

Horror fans, perk up your ears.  We’re thrilled to announce that the following titles from our friends at ChiZine Publications are soon to become Iambik audiobooks:

Monstrous Affections by David Nickle
"David Nickle writes ‘em damned weird and damned good and damned dark. He is bourbon-rough, poetic and vivid. Don’t miss this one." 
–Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother 

The World More Full of Weeping by Robert J. Wiersema
"(A) moving character study about grief and lost possibilities, and also a love song to the Canadian wilderness off British Columbia … The resolution is heartbreaking, without devolving into obvious horror cliches or offering easy solutions. Wiersema is a writer of great delicacy."
–Tim Pratt, Locus Magazine 

Bearded Women by Teresa Milbrodt
"The bizarre aspects of the characters in the stories of Bearded Women serve a particular function, to help us to look closely. Because the narrator in “Bianca’s Body” has a lower torso with sexual organs sticking out of her abdomen, we pay closer attention to the dilemma she faces. Consciously or not, we analyze much more deeply than we would if the narrator had nothing odd about her. In this way, Milbrodt is able to present us universal problems in a way that seems absolutely fresh and new."
–PANK Magazine 

Hair Wreath by Halli Villegas
"A touch of magical realism, a whiff of the dark. Great emotional intensity is wrought in only a few pages. Domestic skirmishes, open ended mysteries and always—in the midst of life—the delicate scent of corruption. Villegas’s fresh voice promises a great future in speculative literature."
–Ellen Datlow 

Cities of Night by Philip Nutman
"Philip Nutman has brought a fresh eye and deep enthusiasm to the business of horror. The genre is much enriched by his insight and creativity. He’s a vital and original talent."
–Clive Barker, author of The Great and Secret Show and Mister B. Gone 

Aaaand in the meantime, if you just can’t wait, check out our current fine offerings from ChiZine.  These, and all Iambik titles, can be yours at a 30% discount by entering the code leap-ear at checkout (good through the end of February 2012).  Happy horror!

2 years ago

Public Domain Audiobook Crib Sheet:

The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy.

— The Basics:  Wiki.  Read it online (Gutenberg).

— Why you’ll love it: Features illicit sex and a heroine that might make you yell at your audio player in disbelief.

— A nice quote from the text: “Why is it that a woman can see from a distance what a man cannot see close?” 

— Hipster character names:  Clym Yeobright, Eustacia Vye, Diggory Venn

— Punk Rock character names:  Susan Nunsuch, Johnny Nunsuch

— Says the Book Addiction blog:   Utopic fiction often starts from a small community that’s somehow able to evolve standards that suit themselves, that allow an escape from an oppressive larger social structure in order to move forward into a (relatively) stable private reality: that’s not at all what happens in The Return of the Native, where the private reality remains inexorably linked to the larger world even though the larger world remains invisible and seems to most characters scarcely imaginable.

—Another nice quote from the text:  ”Intensity was more usually reached by way of the solemn than by way of the brilliant, and such a sort of intensity was often arrived at during winter darkness, tempests, and mists”

— Says Every Book and Cranny:  It’s interesting that Eustacia, who longs to escape her surroundings, is also perhaps the most in harmony with the wildness of her environment.  She embodies the irrational forces of human nature, the inherent and instinctive characteristics that refuse to conform to social normality.  Her character demonstrates what happens when a nature dominated by instinct clashes with socially acceptable behavior.

— Says ProSe Review:  Like a moth is drawn to a flame, the reader is inexorably drawn into the tale, and recognizes with a growing horror that a full release can only be attained through reaching and experiencing the novel’s shocking climax. 

— Says D.H. Lawrence:  This is the quality Hardy shares with the great writers…this setting behind the small action the terrific action of unfathomed nature.

—Say we:  get the audiobook, as read by the incomparably lush-voiced Tadhg Hynes, at a 25% discount through Jan 31 by entering listen-more at checkout.

2 years ago
Weekend listening: @tonyblue’s People Still Live in Cashtown Corners (@chizinepub). Here’s chapter 1:
 People Still Live in Cashtown Corners cover
People Still Live in Cashtown Corners
by Tony Burgess
Print Publisher: ChiZine Publications
Narrator: Phil Chenevert
Listen to First Chapter Download mp3

"People Still Live in Cashtown Corners is the product of a literary mind that regularly licks at 12 volt batteries charged with pure insanity." - Aaron Allen, Horror in the Hammer

2 years ago
Coming soon! South by South Bronx by Abraham Rodriguez (@akashicbooks). Preview Chap. 1:
South by South Bronx cover
South by South Bronx
by Abraham Rodriguez
Print Publisher: Akashic Books
Narrator: Abraham Rodriguez
Listen to First Chapter Download mp3

"In prose entirely his own (and don’t I wish I could steal it and run off with it!), Abraham Rodriguez gives us a crime story, a love story, and one of the best portraits of the creative process I’ve ever seen. Every page is a joy and every character—including the South Bronx itself-is alive and surprising. This book is something special." - S.J. Rozan, Edgar Award-winning author of In This Rain

3 years ago

Happy birthday to us! We released our first collection one year ago. Today’s the last day to enter our Big Grand Audiobook Giveaway.  

And thanks @shinabu for the lovely review of Clive’s interpretation of Toby Frost’s Isambard Smith books.

3 years ago

Now available! Reversing Over Liberace by @JaneLovering (@SamhainPub), narrated @CoriS. Here’s the first chapter. #romance #audiobook

Timesplash cover Reversing Over Liberace
by Jane Lovering
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Narrator: Cori Samuel
Listen to First Chapter Download mp3

"One of the funniest books I’ve read in ages! It is smart and witty and the romantic oozes from every direction in this story… the chaos is hysterical!… A whole host of laugh-out-loud bits make this book one I won’t forget." - Marlene, Fallen Angels Reviews

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