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3 years ago
Crime coming soon! New titles from @TyrusBooks @myrmidonbooks @akashicbooks,
Some crime titles coming soon from Iambik, just waiting to catch you in the act.

Inspired by one of the largest unsolved cases of serial killings in the United States, the New Bedford Serial Killings of 1988.

A legend persists that, after the ‘scourging’, Pilate commanded that his victim be painted from life. Somewhere, the painting survives, the only true image of Christ, granting the gift of everlasting life to whoever possesses it.

David Kellgren is a process server, a job where everyone wants to kill the messenger and things can get a little bit dangerous and out of hand…

  • Richmond Noir, edited by Andrew Blossom, Brian Castleberry & Tom De Haven (Akashic), narrated by Charles Bice

Brand-new stories by: Dean King, Laura Browder, Howard Owen, Yazmina Beverly, Tom De Haven, X.C. Atkins, Meagan J. Saunders, Anne Thomas Soffee, Clint McCown, Conrad Ashley Persons, Clay McLeod Chapman, Pir Rothenberg, David L. Robbins, Hermine Pinson, and Dennis Danvers.

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